"Unlike fish keeping where the range of aquaria simply got better and better each year,
reptile keeping, on the other hand, had been left behind, with very little change in
vivarium design over the last three decades.
We decided we wanted to change that and really drag the reptile hobby in to
the 21st century. 
We won't put our name to a product unless its completely innovative, beautiful,
inspirational, affordable, and of course practical.
Vividarium® is set to become the "Rolls Royce" of the vivaria industry and thats
why I wanted to be on board; to really make a difference in herp-husbandry,
to innovate, to push boundaries, and hopefully to enjoy the ride"

L G White Chairman


Launched in early 2016 with a head office based in East Yorkshire, Vividarium® is the trading name of Inspire Vivariums Ltd.  A highly focussed team, driven by the desire to shake the foundations of reptile housing design. Our ISO9001-accredited factory, which is based in the far East, has over 160,000 sq ft of production and storage facilities and employs over 150 people. 


To design, manufacture and bring to market the most innovative, awe-inspiring, beautifully crafted, reptile and amphibian vivariums ever made.
To ensure that any product we make can be described with three words;
Beautiful      Inspirational     Affordable


Vividarium® - a play on words; it’s like a vivarium, only more vivid.
Vivid; adjective
producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.
synonyms:  realistic, true to life, lifelike, authentic, crystal clear, detailed, striking, impressive, colourful, highly coloured, rich, dramatic, stimulating, interesting, fascinating, scintillating.

The logo, which depicts a "half lizard-half plant" emblem, reinforces our motto of "inspired by nature" 



To design and produce quality products, backed by fast efficient service, with a “nothings too much trouble” attitude.
Quality products, Quality sales, Quality service.



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